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Keep Sunday Special and USDAW have launched a new pre-election campaign to protect Sundays in the next Parliament. 

Together, we have launched a campaign for the duration of the general election to encourage as many parliamentary candidates as possible to pledge to protect Sundays. We are asking them to give their assent to this position:

“I believe that Sundays are a special day for families and for communities. I therefore pledge to help keep Sundays special by opposing any changes to the current limit on Sunday opening hours for large stores.”

To this end we have set up a website: where voters can check whether their candidates have signed up to the pledge, and contact those who haven’t to encourage them to do so. The website includes a series of pro forma emails which could be used by individual voters as well as email addresses for all the candidates. Voters can determine their constituency by using the post code search on the website.

We would encourage all supporters of the Keep Sunday Special campaign to contact their parliamentary candidates and encourage them to sign up to the pledge. You can also spread the word by tweeting using the hashtag #SundayPledge or by sharing this post on social media.

Whatever the result of the election we can be certain attempts to further or completely deregulate Sunday working will be back on the agenda in the new Parliament and getting candidates to make a pledge now not to support any further reform could prove to be significant.

For more information please contact Danielle Greene on 01223 909409 or by e-mail to

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Keep Sunday Special and USDAW have launched a new pre-election campaign to protect Sundays in the next Parliament.
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