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KSS exposes the myths of the Sunday Spoilers

News reaches us that another effort is to be made at Westminster to partially, or completely, deregulate Sunday trading in England and Wales. Philip Davies MP, vice chairman of the parliamentary Retail Group, has said that he intends to table a series of amendments to the Deregulation Bill currently going through Parliament. The Keep Sunday Special Campaign is utterly opposed to this. There was a lot of anger when parliamentary procedures which avoid proper scrutiny and national debate were used to legislate for the so-called ‘Olympic Sundays’ in 2012. It would, surely, be very unwise to revisit such a process. 

There are four dangerous myths that need to be exposed here.

MYTH 1: That Sunday trading is about unnecessary and oppressive regulation. Simply not true. 

MYTH 2: That further deregulation simply allows ‘freedom of choice’. It doesn't.

MYTH 3: That the ‘Olympic Sundays’ legislative concession was a success in trading terms. It wasn’t. 

MYTH 4: And raising Scotland in this context is yet another own goal. 

Let's also listen to the words of highly successful retailers who see the bigger picture and who can take the longer view. 

Justin King, chief exec of Sainsbury’s: “Our customers aren’t asking for it. I’ve never had a letter from a customer saying, ‘Please campaign for longer opening hours on Sunday’. The compromise that has been reached is, essentially, to keep Sunday special” . Bravo! 

Sir Stuart Rose, former M and S chairman recently said of Sunday trading: “The fact of the matter is you simply spread the same amount of business over a longer period, but with more operating costs. It’s a zero sum game. Besides, if you can’t do your shopping in the time already available, what hope is there!” 

See here for further detail.

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Keep Sunday Special has recently released a new leaflet about our campaign and the reasons why Sunday should be kept special. Click here to see it! We would be very happy to send you some of these leaflets to share with friends and others: please get in touch.

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KSS exposes the dangerous myths of the Sunday Spoilers


News reaches us that another effort is to be made at Westminster to partially, or completely, deregulate Sunday trading in England and Wales.
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